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Below is a list of common questions from our visitors. If you have a question that isn't answered below please contact us.

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What's the purpose of is primarily an online competitions forum that lists any current competitions and offers available in Australia. We have been online since 2000 and are an Australian registered business - we pay tax! (ABN 39 285 612 130)

The lottos forum offers extensive information and opinions on just about anything to do with competitions and is totally addictive and fun to join and use!

Do I have have to become a member?

You can look around the website, but access to the forum will require you to join.

Joining only takes a few moments and the only info we retain from you is an email address and a member name.

What types of competitions and offers does the forum list? lists all competitions including online competitions, sms competitions, kids competitions, magazine competitions, store competitions, mail in competitions, radio competitions, tv competitions, phone competitions, words or less competitions. Some other sites list a small number of competitions and that is how those sites generate their income - from each competition banner/image you click and join.

What's different about the forum?

There is a lot of difference. Here are a few points:

  • Other competitions sites in Australia generate their income by pushing campaigns from promoters ahead of other competitions and therefore list and promote a small number of competitions. Our income is not derived from promoting a small number of competitions. Being subscription based, we retain independence. The $6 million in competition prize winnings in 2010 by our members proves it's a successful model for our members - and winning competitions is the purpose of entering!
  • The forum lists all competitions, thereby maximising your chances of winning prizes
  • is also extremely innovative with features such as CompTracker (the first ever competitions tagging system which allows you to tag or mark competitions with a tick, cross, question mark and other options). This means that you can keep track of all competitions you have entered or plan to enter
  • also offers Premium reports - over 130 ways to sort and filter your competitions listings
  • Members are free to discuss all subjects or topics related to competitions
  • You are free to join using any email address you choose whether it's an ISP email or freemail type
  • We have exclusive forum member competitions available to members only
  • We don't endorse cheating
  • As a community, members help each other with entry forms and answers
  • Lastly, is made up of it's members. Their advice is unbiased, invaluable and from true competition winners who win in random draws and words or less competitions!

Do you offer tips on winning competitions?

All the tips you need are contained in the lottos forum.

Tips from 'pro compers' and real winners!

By joining do I receive emails?

Joining does mean that you will receive a welcome email after joining the forum. We may also send newsletters from time to time.

I have a forum member name and password but can't login?

Check your pc date is set correctly. If it is, use the 'Lost Password' link on the forum to have a new password generated and sent to the email address associated with your forum membership.

I'm getting heaps of emails - why?

If you enter online competitions, you may notice a rise in emails you receive. recommends receiving emails into your main email account, and have another, separate email account from hotmail, yahoo, or gmail for competitions you enter.

Check your email accounts regularly as you might win a competition and the promoter may only send you an email to let you know as notification you've won a competition.

Can I unsubscribe from any emails you send?

You can unsubscribe from any newsletters sent by clicking the unsubscribe link which is on every email sent by

I want to receive the newsletters or emails but aren't receiving them?

It's a good idea to add and to your email address book.

How can I contact

Use the Contact Us menu option or email

Can I contact if I have any questions about competitions?

Issues should be taken up with the competition promoter or you can ask for other members advice on the forum about the competition in question.

I've changed email addresses - how do I change it?

Log into the forum, choose Control Panel, Edit Profile and make any changes required.

I'm a business wanting to list a competition - how do I do it?

Join the forum and post it up! You paid money to develop your site, so now promote it!

Refund policy

Our online Premium membership subscription product is accurately described on our site and we are happy to provide additional information if you email or call us prior to purchasing. In addition, we offer a free three day trial of our online Premium membership subscription product prior to payment being required. Therefore we cannot approve refunds on purchased online Premium membership subscriptions and all sales are final. If you choose to cancel your online Premium membership subscription product, the subscription will run to the end of the existing expiry date and the subscription will not be pro-rated or refunded however you can onsell or gift the subscription. We never auto renew Premium memberships so rest assured payment will only be made when you approve it!

Thank you for your understanding.