Help with Australian Competitions

Reading this page should give you a general idea of how the Competitions website works.

What we do at the Competitions website:

On the Competitions website you'll find out about competitions running in Australia and competitions open to Australian residents and everything to do with competitions and promotions.

There are thousands of competitions open to win every day in Australia. You can come across them through websites, magazines, wrappers, TV, Radio, in the newspaper. Absolutely everywhere. As the Competitions website is a community with many members, this website provides a comprehensive list of competitions that as an individual you could not find yourself. You don't have to read every magazine or watch every TV channel to find all the competitions. In addition to finding where to enter the competitions, you will also receive help and advice from other members about anything to do with comping. Just ask as there is always someone here to help you. We don't actually run competitions - we are a community of compers helping each other.

How to use the Competitions website:

The Competitions website is split into a variety of 'forums' or discussion topics. The title of each forum gives you an indication about the topic of the discussions within. There are two ways to post (or send) a message. Either 'post a reply' to an existing topic, or you can start a 'new topic'. Please ensure if you are starting a 'new topic' you do it in the correct forum area. For example, you wouldn't post celebrity gossip in the Online Competitions section. Having said that, we recommend using Premium reports as these reports can sort and list competitions in over 200 ways!

How to post a competition:

We encourage all members to post details on the Competitions forum of any competitions they find - and we extend your Premium membership for each new competition. We are all looking out for new competitions so we encourage all members to help each other. Before posting a new competition, please do a quick search in case it has already been posted and listed. If it isn't already listed, select the most appropriate forum that fits the competition category and then click the "New Topic" button. In the "Subject" field, enter a subject relevant to the competition (eg: Woolworths Easter Competition - win a car). In the "Message Body" field provide as much detail as possible. If the competition can be entered via a website, provide a link to the website in the appropriate field area. Make sure you provide the competition "Close Date" and other appropriate fields on the page as this will ensure it can easily be found on the forum.

How to find Australian competitions:

There are two ways to find Australian competitions and freebies members have posted. If you know what you're looking for, use the search function. Search is at the top right of every forum page. The other way is to use the Competitions Premium reports to list competitions by specific criteria. There are over 200 reports to choose from.

The best place to start:

New members often ask the best place to start. Most existing Competitions members recommend the Premium report called All Competitions closing in 10 days report. Remember to try all the Premium reports though as everyone likes different types of competitions!

About your privacy:

The website lists competitions. We don't usually run them. Our Privacy policy is set out in our Privacy Policy section. Please read the details of each competition to identify what you need to do to enter and to see who is running the competition.

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